Country/Territory/Region: Hong Kong, China
Institution: Hong Kong Sports Institute
Area of expertise: Elite training, exercise and sports science
Email: dcwlee@hksi.org.hk

Daniel Lee obtained his PhD in Sports Science and Physical Education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong/Sports Nutrition and Physical Activity Research Group working on the efficacy of sport compression garment on hemodynamic responses and exercise performance. After completing his PhD, he moved to Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) as the Associate Director for the Elite Training Science and Technology Division (ETSTD). Daniel currently manages strength and conditioning, sports biomechanics, sports nutrition, sports psychology and sports medicine at HKSI. Identify various training issues and concerns, and work with coaches to develop evidence-based training for Hong Kong elite athletes. Daniel is treasurer of the Asian College of Exercise and Sports Science (ACESS).

In addition, Daniel is also a top triathlete, representing Hong Kong in the 2004 and 2008 Athens and Beijing Olympic Games. He is the medal winner of the Asian Games, the China National Games and the Asian Beach Games; he was also the record holder of the 10km road race in Hong Kong.