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J&M is proud to be the primary sponsor for ACESS

J&M Medical and Healthcare Limited (J&M Group) alongside Pukang SMC, Pukang Intelligent Tech and Pukang Health Tech specializes in medical rehabilitation, sports science and public health and wellness. The core development strategy of J&M Group focuses on independent R&D, implementing latest marketing strategy and service innovation.

Pukang SMC is in partnership with world-class manufacturers in providing the distribution of diagnostic and therapy products and services that are used for the purpose of rehabilitation.

We also focus on scientific research in providing optimal physical therapy to sports training institutions.

Pukang Intelligent Tech’s stronghold is in research, development and the manufacture of clinical rehabilitation and sports medicine products.

Pukang Health Tech integrates high quality education and research resources from domestic and internationally to create a modern rehabilitation technology certification training course.


J&M 很榮幸能成為 ACESS 的主要贊助商



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